Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS)

  1. The personal data and other related information provided by you through this Vaccination/Testing Reporting System (“VTRS”) will be used by the University for the purposes of verifying your Covid-vaccination and/or testing status; keeping track of your relevant status for the issuance of a Campus Access Pass (CAP); purposes related to the University’s safety measures in preventing or controlling the spread of COVID-19 in campus, and other purposes ancillary to the aforesaid (collectively the “Purposes”).  
  2. Save for those items indicated as optional, members of the University are required to provide the relevant personal data in order to be issued a CAP.  Should they fail to provide such data, members may not be issued a CAP.  
  3. Your personal data will not be transferred to any third party except to service providers which provide related services to the University for the Purposes, including the University’s clinic.
  4. Personal data will be kept confidential. Only designated members of the University's clinic and the Office of Health, Safety and Environment will be authorized to handle your personal data.  The University may disclose the relevant personal data when required by law or in response to requests from law enforcement authorities, government departments or regulatory authorities, or where required to ensure public health.  
  5. You have the right to request access to, and/or correction of, the personal data you supplied in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong).  Any such requests or related enquiries should be addressed to the University Data Privacy Officer at


Please note that by clicking the “Agree” button below, you are deemed to have:

  • confirmed your understanding of, and agreement to, the contents of the Personal Information Collection Statement
  • confirmed that the information and records submitted are accurate and complete, and that any misrepresentation or provision of falsified information/record will amount to a misconduct and could result in disciplinary action being instituted against you.



  1. 大學會將閣下通過本疫苗接種/檢測網上匯報系統(VTRS)所提供的個人資料和其他相關資料, 用於以下用途:驗證您的新冠病毒疫苗接種及/或檢測狀況 ; 跟進閣下的相關狀況以向閣下發出電子校園通行證 (CAP); 與大學為預防或控制2019冠狀病毒在校園內傳播而採取的安全措施相關的目的, 及與上述相關的其他目的(統稱“該等目的” )。  
  2. 除非另有表明為非必要項目,大學成員須提供所要求的個人資料,以獲發電子校園通行證。如未能提供彼等資料, 成員或未能獲發電子校園通行證。  
  3. 閣下的個人資料不會被轉移給任何第三方,除了為該等目的而向大學提供相關服務的服務供應商,包括大學診所。  
  4. 個人資料將會保密。只有大學診所和健康安全及環境處的指定人員方獲授權處理閣下之個人資料。大學可能按法律規定,或應執法機構、政府部門或監管機構的要求, 或在必須保障公眾健康的情況下披露相關的個人資料。  
  5. 閣下有權按個人資料(私隱)條例 (香港法例第486章) 要求查閱及/或更正閣下提供的個人資料。相關要求或查詢應通過電郵 發送給大學資料私隱主任。


請注意,通過點擊下面的 “同意” 按鈕,閣下將被視為:

  • 確認閣下理解及同意個人資料收集聲明的內容, 及
  • 確認提交的資料和記錄是準確和完整,而任何虛假陳述或提供虛假信息/記錄將構成行為不當,並可能導致針對閣下的紀律行動。